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Furniture Medic by Joe Traynham 
2105 E 56th St. Tulsa, OK 74105
Fax (918) 340-5087 
Furniture Medic, the world's largest and most respected company in furniture repair and restoration, was founded in 1992. The Furniture Medic network has grown quickly thanks to market demand, the system's professionalism and its alliance with The ServiceMaster Company.

When the company's founder came upon the idea of Furniture Medic, he was simply trying to find a better way to repair his own broken furniture. After moving into a new home, he discovered several expensive pieces had been damaged in transit, some severely and others with dents and dings. Rather than purchasing new furnishings, he researched alternative solutions and found most of the refinishing shops had an extremely long turnaround time that was inadequate. Thus the business of restoring furniture to its original condition on-site was conceived. 

Joe has been an avid woodworker, woodturner for many years. He managed the Paxton Woodcrafters Store in Tulsa for years and also Woodworking 101 in Springfield Missouri where he also taught Woodturning courses. Often called a wood geek (by his kids and grandkids), wood has always held a very special place in his heart. He has often said "God made the wood beautiful I just manipulate it a little in order to display that beauty". Because of his love for wood and his ability to "manipulate it a little" there is little he can`t do with wood. So if you have wood furniture that is broken, scratched or dented and needs to be fixed or just sprucing up, Joe is your guy. Joe and his wife Sheila would love to serve you. 

"The industry leader in on-site furniture repair"
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