Furniture Medic by Joe Traynham   
Tulsa, OK 74105
When in the course of human events....stuff gets broken. Many times it is our furniture and woodwork that take the brunt of the abuse. Then it is time to call Joe.
"The industry leader in on-site furniture repair."
(918) 406-8870
Friends and customers, Furniture Medic by Joe Traynham is no longer in business. I am in no way associated with Furniture Medic nor them with me. I am retiring and intend to spend the majority of my time enjoying my wife, kids and grandkids as well as my woodturning. I am, however, going to continue doing some in-home furniture repairs on a part time basis. The new company is Furniture Repair by Joe.,, 918-406-8870.
                                   Thank you for your patronage all these years.